30 years of presenting REAL BAD and other amazing dance parties, events and opportunities for you to meet new friends, reconnect with long-time dance floor buddies, and be BAD while doing GOOD.

Three decades of grassroots fundraising by our Circle of Friends that has provided over $2.7 million in essential support to critical service organizations that directly serve our community.  

Over this time, the Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation has become the premier all-volunteer event and grassroots fundraising foundation in San Francisco.

We have a unique opportunity to reach the incredible milestone of $3 million raised and granted to community partners by our 30th year.  To accomplish this goal, we need to raise $100,000 beyond what our events alone will generate this year.  So, the Foundation is making a direct appeal to you, the members of our Circle of Friends. Tax-deductible donations of any size are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

For those friends able to  contribute at the levels described on the next page, we are pleased to offer some specific benefits.

Thirty years of impact in our community:

  • Over 50 Bay Area and national organizations have received direct funding.
  • Our grants have gone to support critical health services (especially combating HIV/AIDS), LGBTQ legal services, human and legal rights, and community building for seniors, youth, and LGBTQ people of all ages.
  • Grant-partners include Bay Positives, Openhouse, SF Suicide Prevention, GLBT Historical Society, SF LGBT Center, Project Inform, Castro Country Club, and many others, including match grants in support of Flagging in the Park.
  • The daily work of these amazing organizations makes real the Foundation’s mission to promote a happy, healthy and connected Bay Area LGBTQ community.

We invite and encourage you to deepen your commitment to the Circle of Friends and the collective work that we all do to support the most

Want to make a donation, but aren’t in it for the perks?

Visit our Facebook page and hit the donation button to make a donation of your choosing.

Does your company do a donation match?? If so, choose your package based on your half and then message 3×30@grassrootsgayrights.org so we can get you the perks associated with the total of your donation + company match.

Example – you select and donate $250. Email us and we will give you the $500 perk with a verified company match.


Fill out the form, hold tight, we’ll get back to you.